About Us

Founded in 2008, Integra Group Ltd, focuses on sourcing innovative and top quality finishing products for the construction industry.

Integra secures exclusive partnerships with some of the most innovative and stylish manufacturers in Spain, Italy, Canada and Brazil and offer them directly to our customers in the USA and Canada.

Products and manufacturers must fit into Integra’s scale-able and repeatable business model.  Integra's model allows us to provide five hundred units as easily as one unit at the same level of expertise, service, quality and timeliness.  Our multi-unit project owners as well as the individual home owner remodel or dream home build, leverage the same system of procurement and delivery.  Our unique expertise keeps our customers in front of the the most current and innovative products on the market while procuring within budget and on time.  Our direct to manufacturer approach cuts out the many layers of costs typically associated with product procurement, allowing for higher quality at the same or lower price.  

Integra regularly visits every factory to ensure quality, capacity and to observe the overall health of our partner's business.  This attention to detail allows our customers to focus on the core of their own business knowing Integra is in their corner and no need to worry about quality, service or price.  As an Integra client, transparency is a cornerstone of our business and at any time during the procurement process, we can facilitate a visit to the factory to perform your own inspection before delivery.  With offices in Europe and Brazil, we welcome our customers to visit our manufacturing partners

Integra will ensure you purchase the right product, at the right time and at the right price and successfully deliver to our exacting standards.  Integra provides quality and performance you can rely on.  We look forward to becoming your trusted partner.