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  • The EASYGRES guide allows holes both vertically and horizontally, thanks to its functional design incorporating a water tank with flow control valve.
  • The EASY GRES guide attaches easily to any surface, thanks to its renewable adhesives.

    The EASYGRES drill kits are the most economical solution for those users who need to make perforations of different diameters in all types of ceramic tiles.  EASYGRES are diamond electro-deposited drills, wet cut, suitable for use with electric drill without hammer.  The quality of the diamond used in the design and manufacture of the EASYGRES drill bits allows the drilling of stoneware, porcelain stoneware, granite, marble and glass.

    The EASYGRES guide allows holes to be made both on the ground and on the wall, thanks to the functional design of its water tank that incorporates a flow regulating tap. The guide adheres easily to any surface, thanks to its system of renewable adhesives.

    The average life of the EASYGRES drill varies according to the diameter. In the EASYGRES from Ø 6 to 12 mm the average life is 10 holes and in the EASYGRES from Ø 20 to 120 mm the average life is 25 holes. The average life of the drills depends ALWAYS on the type of material, its thickness and the correct cooling and use. The drilling depth of the EASYGRES drill bits is 25 mm. The EASYGRES drill bits have a lateral opening that improves the cooling of the bit and facilitates the elimination of solid waste after each hole. Before making a new perforation, we must make sure that the bit is clean and free of any obstruction. The recommended speed of use for EASYGRES drills is between 400 and 1000 r.p.m., depending on the material to be drilled. For a better finish and longer life of the bit, it is important to respect the proper speed of rotation and exercise moderate pressure during drilling.