TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home
TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home
TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home
TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home
TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home
TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home

TAIGA - 4 Bedroom Home

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Due to the great interest in wooden single-story houses with an area of ​​over 1000 sf, we have created the Taiga model - perfect for lovers of comfort and modern architecture.

The ground floor plan is a living room with panoramic windows, designed in a large common space, connected to the kitchen and four bedrooms with direct access to the garden. Additionally, a separate pantry, utility room and two independent bathrooms significantly increase the utility value of the house.  The spacious and covered corner terrace is an additional relaxation zone that brings relaxation to your life.

Solid construction made of the highest quality ecological and certified coniferous wood guarantees durability for generations.  In the production of the Taiga model, we used four-sided 70 mm logs in a tight and easy-to-install tongue and groove technology.

All this makes Taiga a unique wooden house with non-standard architecture.

The price includes:
-> 70 mm (2 3/4") log structure
-> Terrace structure 
-> 28 mm (1.1") terrace board
-> 28 mm (1.1") floor
> 18 mm (11/16") roof board

Additional items not included:
-> preparation of the foundation for the structure 

Additional services:
Underlay felt for joists - $790
Roof insulation: 15 cm PUR foam ($29,000) or 10 cm PUR foam ($22,000)
Wall insulation:  15 cm PUR foam ($34,000) or 10 cm PUR foam ($18,500)
Floor insulation:  10 cm thick wool ($6,000) or15 cm thick wool ($9,000)
Wall insulation: 10 cm thick wool ($11,500) or 15 cm thick wool ($20,000)
Roof insulation: 10 cm thick wool ($13,000) or 15 cm thick wool ($19,000)
Installation of steel roof tiles + galvanized gutters ($25,000)
Installation of underlayment under shingles ($1,800)
Internal impregnation ($3,800) 
Installation of floor panels ($8,200)
Oiling the floor ($2,500)
Installation of PVC gutters (graphite) ($3,300)
Installation of roofing felt ($3,800)
External impregnation ($4,500)